Qushini is a L10 brand that turns small daily actions in beauty, improving people’s every day’s life.

Why "Qushini"?

Well, we wanted to keep the feeling of lightness, softness, coziness; what we wanted was that the name we had in mind would have been pronounced in the same way all over the world.

You all know what “Qushini” means in Italian, right? We’re talking about Pillows!

The research for the catalog’s products keeps going until 2018 and includes nice, functional and design accessories, with simple lines and pastel colors, in a lively and delicate packaging that present them all in a clean way.

The key factor for each Qushini product is to be that extra "something", that object that you didn't know you needed, but you can no longer live without.

A mission that will remember us how it feels to be lulled, protected; the details of which come from seen things and that are then elaborated and reviewed.

Now Qushini is a story that speaks for you and is told by us.


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