Aroma Diffuser Mini


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All the power of Qushini's aroma diffuser, but in a mini version. Essential oil diffusers are ideal for making our daily environment comfortable, implementing the quality of the air we breathe and prevent thirsty skin. Essential oil particles are released into the air through ultrasound and gently felt by one's body through the respiratory tract. Choose the ones that suit you and experience the positive effects of aromatherapy: you will help your breathing, boost your immune system and relax your mind.

Purify and relax

The Qushini aroma diffuser mini humidifies the air of your living space and reduces the level of dust and bacteria. Choose your favorite essential oil to add to the water and star your relaxing experience.

Night light

The positive effects of chromotherapy, which makes use of 6 different colors of light: red, green, blue, light blue, yellow and purple. The anti-slip silicone pad will hold your light firmly to the bedside table.

Technical Specifications

Contents: Aroma diffuser mini 1x, Type-C cable 1x, user manual 1x
Dimension: 10 x 10 x 12 cm
Weight: 360g
Material: ABS + PP plastics
Water tank capacity: 120ml
Nebulization volume: 20mL/h
Fragrance diffusion principle: Ultrasound
Working frequency: 3.0MHZ
Input port: Type-C
Atomization time: 6 hours
Voltage: 5V
Functions: Aromatherapy, humidification and night light

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