Makeup Mirror


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Having a good light is essential when you have to put on makeup or want to indulge in a relaxing beauty routine. Qushini's Makeup mirror will become an indispensable partner every moment of the day, every day. A portable accessory with a lamp around the edge that helps you get your make-up, hair, contact lenses or a close shave just right with perfect results. Place the Makeup mirror wherever you need it.

3 light temperatures

You can choose among 3 different light temperatures (cold white, neutral and warm white). Just press the button!

Dimmer included

Get the best light thanks to the customizable adjustment of intensity. Have your eyes always relaxed during your beauty routine


Charge the built-in battery with the included Type-C cable!

Technical Specifications

Contents: Makeup mirror with led light 1x, Type-C cable 1x, user manual 1x
Dimension: 19,5 x 9 x 2,8 cm
Weight: 680g
Light source: LED
Led temperature: 2700~4200~5300K
Battery capacity: 1800mah lithium battery
Max Lum: 90Lm
Lifespan (hours): 30000
Input Voltage(V): DC5V
Product rated power: 4.5W
Lamp rated power: 3.1W
LED quantity: 60pcs
Working Temperature(°C): -10 +40

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